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Laying down my head in total despair,
No hope and total emptiness, thinking why should I care?
Then in the darkest dark of the night,
a silhouette appeared surrounded by light,

Reaching across me I felt a feather soft touch
and the voice of an angel whisper "you'r loved so much".
As my eyes adjusted I saw wings that were tattered,
her hair a bit messy, her hands a bit battered.

She said "when you were a baby, in your mothers arms,
she prayed you an angel to keep you from harms.
That prayer was answered, when God sent me,
and that has been no easy job as you can plainly see!

She bowed her head as a tear fell from her eye,
I felt such shame to see my angel cry!
She told me of friends she had sent my way,
How she delighted in my joy and listened to me pray.

Then anger and violence took over my days,
yet still she held on in all of her ways.
She would never give up even though she grew tired,
Tho a time or two she admitted she wished she be fired!

Then I realized she was showing me my worth,
she said "you been loved since the day of your birth!"
"Never give up, your life is worth living!
It is not always taking, sometimes it's giving!"

Joy filled my heart like never before,
Till I awoke to the clanking of my prison cell door.
Just a dream I thought, as a tear fell from my eye,
Then I felt a soft touch as my angel flew by!

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