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I want Jesus to have his way in my life,
To guide my day, and guide my night,
With open arms should I fall,
And open ears should I call!

Then when I travel my last mile,
I face that fear with a smile,
For he shall reach his hand for me
And guide me into eternity.

With trials and tragedies I live through,
I shall serve my Lord, and know he is true,
One glimpse of his face will well repay
The price of my suffering and challenges today.

I'm going to heaven where beauty lies,
Up yonder in the golden skies
A place where goodness shall never fail,
Where only kindness and mercy prevail!

Once we are dead, there is no way to "cross sides". In fact, the Bible symbolically speaks of a "great gulf" that separates the two realms of the dead, who are awaiting the final judgment day (Luke 16:19-31). Choose life!

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