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Angels On loan From God

saying good-bye
A child is a gift from God,
no greater a gift could be
A God that sends his angels down
In human form to see.

Little ones that bring us joy,
yes joy beyond compare
We give them all we have to give
Our love we gladly share.

We plan to have our child there
until in our days we grow old
We sometimes take for granted
They will always be ours to hold.

But sometimes God has a greater plan
Our children are Angels on loan
and sometimes God needs his Angels
before the angel is grown.

So remember that hugs do matter,
and memories are made by the day
tender moments can last a lifetime
and never be taken away.

But the little angel you hold so dear
is only entrusted in your care
For she first belonged to heaven
and she could be needed there.

But of God we must trust his plan
and of him we shall not fear
Rejoice in the gift of each day we are given
Every moment of every year!

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