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THE SUNSET ON EARTH compared to heaven

Oh how beautiful is the immensity of the ocean
How breathtaking the colors at sunset over water can be
Have you ever walked along the sand in solitude?
How magnificent the beauty as far as the eye can see!

There are simple joys that each of us can find
We must look beyond what we are holding in our hand
Spend time enjoying the immensity of Gods creations
truly then you shall understand....

True happiness is found in countless different ways
So many things in life play a simple part
Deep within our faith is where it all must start
True happiness will come when to god you give your heart.

Because the beauty here on earth fails to compare
with the wonder and beauty Gods kingdom has to share
Stored up for you in heaven is a sea of faith and love
shining in the colors of the sunset from above!

Colossians 1:5
You have these because of the hope which is kept safe for you in heaven. Some time ago you heard about this hope in the Good News which is the message of truth.

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