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The creator provides for all

Our creator takes care of the birds
he tells the flowers when to spread their seeds
he programs the birds to know where to go
yes God takes care of their needs!

Now a hummingbird is a tiny creature
with needle size beak and gossamer wing
Will travel thousands of miles for a drop of nectar
As the creator tells the flowers to bloom in the spring

You see he provides for the smallest one
More than the eye can comprehend
For the Lord is good, with compassion over all
Providing the most to the least to no end.

our Lord will guide and provide for us too
If only we trust in his word
His hand is open, he satisfies our hunger
just as he shall instill his wisdom into the bird!

For not a sparrow shall fall that God doesn't know
Nor shall your hunger to him be unknown
For he watches over all living things
and with compassion he makes them his own.

So call on him to provide you with food for life
Let Gods wisdom show you the way
Then trust in him who knows all your needs
And let God feed you today!

JOB 5:9
He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot
be counted.

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