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Before you left your home this morning
tell me did you think to pray?
Did you ask God to guide you
And keep you through the day?

Did you read his word this morning
telling you how to live today?
or were you in too big a hurry
as you went along your way/

So often we neglect him
we don't take time to pray
How we grieve him our dear Savior
as we walk along life's way.

When in trouble he is with us
he never leaves us alone
how could you bear your burden
without Jesus to lean upon?

When we are weary and heavy laden
upon the Lord we can call
He's always there to guide and keep us
not just one but all.

How can we fail so great a savior
neglect him as we do?
Won't you try to do for Jesus
as he has done for you!

Start each day with Jesus
and don't forget to pray
jesus knows how much you love him
call on him while you may.

don't put off your prayers much longer
for to wait may be too late
We don't know when he will call us
to meet him at the gate

He then will bid us welcome
if on earth we live for him
Don't neglect him now he loves you
and at the gate he will let you in.

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