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Upon the cross our savior died
he died that we might live
and with his dying breath he cried
"Oh father please forgive"

So listen to that soft voice calling
that voice so sweet and low
It's the whisper of our dear savior
the one that loves you so!

Time now is swiftly passing
things of earth just will not stand
build your hopes on things eternal
Hold to Gods unchanging hand.

If you choose now not to hear
until the spirit shall depart
then you will know a greater fear
unprepared for your eternal start.

Let not conscience make you linger
seek forgiveness from all your sin
all my dear lord requires
is to fill your need of him.

Come sinners that are weary
You are bruised by many a fall
but if you carry until you are better
You will never come at all!

Trust in him that makes us strong
and takes our tears away
For you will never fear again
if you just trust in him today.

REV. 22:13
Jesus says "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end"

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