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THE GOLDEN TREE a story about what is important

A miraculous tree grew on the mountain side
It was valuable and rare
the one who found this one of a kind
could live life without a care!

And so this man a lonely soul
sets out to find this treasure
for with its secret he can unlock lifes door
and have wealth beyond measure!

A yong man strong and able
he searches far and wide
and as his body ages
he searches that mountain side

Then one day he finds it
growing tall and proud
he can't believe his eyes
in this day without a cloud.

He rushes to claim his tree
his heart filled with delight
he gently digs around it
working well into the night.

And when he finally has it
he holds it to his side
that mountain starts to tremble
and rocks begin to slide!

Then to his amazement
a treasure his eyes behold
the rare tree reveals it secret
and all its leaves of pure gold!

rushing in the frenzy of his riches
I guess he just failed to see
His whole life he had spent searching
for this rare and special tree!

When he threw the tree away
the mountain shook once more
and every treasure that he had
was gone just like before

The greatest loss of all
could not be measured there
for because of his greed
he lost his tree so rare

In the end he just sat weeping
He heard an angel softly sing
The tree that was forsaken
Was the most important thing!

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