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THE GAP THAT FILLS MY LIFE a poem prayer about grief by Carrie Neighbors

willow grieving

There is a gap that fills my life,
My heart consumed with pain
I feel the sun has faded forever
And left me in the rain.

There is no greater loss,
than what I feel right now
Yet I must go on
I must find new strength somehow.

Lord I have to worry
Did my loved one walk with you?
Did he call upon your name
Did I do all that I could do?

Will I meet him up in heaven?
Will I hug him at the gate?
Did he get to heavens gate?
Did you tell him its too late?

I know I am probably silly
To worry as I do,
You give me such a comfort
With the assurance I have in you.

You give me glimmers of sunshine
Through my pouring rain
And you send me blessed assurance
In your words that shall sustain.

I am leaning on you Lord;
as my grief I must work through
For Joy, warmth and healing
Are all a part of you!

That gap that fills my life
Is yours in heavens light to shine
Only now I can understand
He was never truly mine!

JOB 32:8
But it is the spirit in a man, the breath of the Almighty, that gives
him understanding.

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