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A SOLDIER CAME HOME TODAY---by carrie neighbors

A soldier is coming home today
From a land so very far away
He used each plan that he was taught
They say the battle was well fought.

The way is slow, the tears did flow
Because this soldier had to go.
The burden that was over there
Was more than one should have to bear.

He was brave, and well prepared
But not a single life was spared
Draped in flags, all alone
His name forever etched in stone

His face again we’ll never see
His blood shed for you and me
Fighting for a hidden truth
A war that took away his youth.

A soldier is coming home today
The ultimate price he had to pay
A life to save, the life he gave
A home thats now beyond the grave

He’s not gone, for beyond the dawn
His soul still goes a marching on
where he is, we cannot go
So our soldier guards us here below.

A soldier came home today
In a land so far away
Home to stay forever more
He's Just beyond that golden shore.

Matthew 5:9
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God

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