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IN MEMORY OF MY COUSIN BECKY a poem by carrie neighbors

Though your work on earth is done
Now in Heaven your life's just begun,
All your loved ones there you'll see
No more pain or woe you'll know
For there it shall forgotten be!

Now sing and dance in endless praise
In Heavens glorious unceasing days
Rejoicing with Jesus face to face
Surrounded by his loving grace!

On earth we still can't surmise
Oh the greatness of surprise
For God has called you as his own
Forever there, his joy to share,
beneath his glorious throne!

The way was rough, Gods grace enough
to soften every fall,
For he was there, each tear to share
Not just one but all!

Becky you were loved so much
By every life your heart could touch
Your children now reflect your worth
Of your legacy on earth
Every heart today is stirred
becuase your life on earth occurred!

Since your birth, God knew your worth
then he saw you needed rest
He proved when he took you home with him
He only takes the best!

Written in memory of my cousin becky, a beautiful person taken from us too soon.

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