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IN GOD WE HAVE HOPE poem by carrie neighbors

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GOD GIVES US HOPE---by carrie neighbors

Truly hope shall come in the darkness of despair

Like the unexpected joy from a breath of clean fresh air

It’s the joyful shout of triumph after a battle’s nearly lost

It’s the tireless belief in God no matter what the cost!

Hope is having faith after everything seems stripped away

That your tireless trust in God will bring strength into your day

Hope comes from deep within a blessed believers heart

It shall truly grow with love and within us never part

Hope comes from God and shall lift our hearts up high

Like the rainbow that he hung above a rainy sky

We can always trust in God through him hope is ours

His love is just as everlasting as the sky is filled with stars

(Reference Romans 8:16)
The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children.

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