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OUR PASTOR------by carrie neighbors

Our pastor has practiced goodness
Every day of his life
With faith filled exuberance
He has seen us through trouble and strife

It would be impossible to count how many
People he has mentored here
God has truly blessed the ones
Who’s friendship he’s held dear.

He was always there to count on
When times were not so good
He taught us genuine kindness
And a true spirit of brotherhood.

“There is always a bigger picture”
Is something he would say
“And God still has a plan for us
And will guide us if we pray!”

We will never be able to replace him
No matter how hard we try
But truly we can make sure that
His legacy will never die

As long as in his honor
We practice kindness towards each other
And promise to be patient and wise
As we relate to one another

So today let us all pay homage
To the one that showed us salvations plan
Thank- God that we all had the blessing
Of sharing the life of this wonderful man!

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