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PEACE FROM GOD DURING SORROW a poem for peace during sorrow and grief by Carrie Neighbors

Above the howling wind there is calmness to the air
Stilling the storms of sin Our prince is standing there!

Giving peace and rest to the troubled mind
For within Jesus Peace is what you'll find!

In the midst of the storm and all our discontent
Our prince of peace will come As a gift that's heaven sent.

For peace is not the absence of pain
But in the storms of life, Gods love shall sustain!

When loved ones die and leave the world behind
Billows of love from heaven is truly what you'll find

Peace, peace sent unto a broken heart to mend
In sorrows chilling storm, a gift of peace he'll send

Tragedy turns to triumph, sorrows into song
Peace shall come to the weeping in the reality of wrong

Grasping for words transforming, inadequate to define
Peace beyond our understanding, forever yours and mine!

LUKE 1:79
shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death,
to guide our feet into the path of peace."

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