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HIS LIFE WAS A JOURNEY a remembrance poem

HIS LIFE WAS A JOURNEY--by carrie Neighbors

How could one person,
Have so very much to give,
How did he teach us the meaning of life,
When he himself only had so little time to live.

A steadfast love he possessed for the Lord,
He set the bar on serving Jesus name,
He filled the church with the lives he touched,
He loved all people just the same!

He was always there to help a friend,
For a friend truly was he,
Showing his faithfulness in his works,
His life was a gift of love and generosity.

We cannot know why a life so precious,
A life lived so well was ended,
But as the darkness of shadows fall,
We can rest assured that to heaven he has ascended.

I know that he was yours oh God,
On loan to us for only a short while,
But oh what a glorious gift he was,
So precious and true was his smile!

Into thy hands that cradle him now,
His journey on Earth now is through,
A life that was lived to the fullest down here,
Now in heaven and lifted up to you!

His life was a Journey on Earth
Today he celebrated his heavenly birth!

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